MARCH 17- MAY 28 2017


In the exhibition you'll find 14 large pictures from the series City Light (Stadslicht) and Photocycling (Fotografietsen). In addition, drawn portraits of Dick Bruna, Ingmar Heytze, Kristien Hemmerechts, Gert-Jan Droge and Bertolf Lentink. There is a time-lapse video that shows in detail how Bertolf's cover portrait was drawn. In two show cases eight handmade spectacle frames: four extravaganza, and four for everyday use. Above that hangs my 'Featherlight' lamp. There is a piano, from behind which I'll regularly do surprise performances*.

Central Museum - Expo 8 Agnietenstraat 1
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Opening hours 11 am - 5 pm, tuesday-sunday
Telephone 003130 236 2362



   At the expo in the Centraal Museum Utrecht.

"Kees Wennekendonk, Rotterdam, 1957, is a Dutch multidisciplinary artist living in the old city of Utrecht. Hij draws portraits, photographs the city on foot, 'Stadslicht', and shoots the countryside from the saddle of his racing bicycle: 'Fotografietsen'. He designs and manufactures hand-made horn and wooden spectacle frames. Composes music as a singer-songwriter. Lives and works in the pittoresque Old Canal in a 14th century yard cellar studio."


Featured I:

De Verschijning van Zeynep / The appearance of Zeynep



In the preparation of my exhibition in the Central Museum Utrecht, I saw this friendly interior care worker at the bottom of the building. The beauty of the living picture for me, with the beautiful colors, and her references to 17th-18th century painting, struck me immediately. I asked her permission if I could photograph her. And one day later, when he finished, I showed her the picture and asked if I was allowed to publish him. To my great joy she said yes. Now the picture is featured in my exhibition at the Central Museum. 100 x 125cm. Amongst 14 other big 'Citylight' pictures.

This picture draws an amazing amount of attention from around the world. I am very thankfull for that.
I hope it has a positive influence in the debate about human values, migration, culture and mutual respect.


The poster showed from Texel to Den Bosch, from Groningen to The Hague, from England to Germany. PS. There are also art cards made of this design. In interest: mailadres!


Pure logic forces me to mention that all photographs, drawings and designs shown in this exhibition and on this website are all for sale. For an impression of the sizes and prices please look at the shop.


Featured II: portrait Miffy creator Dick Bruna

Among other portraits of former tv presentor Gert-Jan Droge and Belgium writer Kristien Hemmerechts: Miffy creator Dick Bruna.


Dick Bruna, drawn in 2005. Size 130cm x 150cm. Original 40 x 45 cm. Reproductions available. See much more portraits.


Featured III: Featherlight

'Feather Light' is a lamp design I made of copper with geese and swan feathers.
The light sources are durable 14W led lamps..


Featured IV: one-off eyewear design

Sunny! 2000, buffalo horn. In a showcase with three other one or a kind extravaganza. In addition, a display with four models for everyday life.
All handmade, one of a kind, in private assignment. For more information, see eyewear


Featured V: The man with the Red Bag



Here's the picture left: The Red Bag. But who's actually that man who walks out with the bag on the Drift? "I wanted to know that. Well, that is found. After a two-week search trip through the faculty of Humanities Utrecht. It turned out to be Luuk Dijkstra, French teacher.
At least: he mailed me that he thought he was.
I received him at the expo and gave him a print and a handshake. You see it yourself. It's him.

For larger picture and more info see De Rode Tas

At the opening

Curator modern art Marja Bosma explains the "The appearance of Zeynep",
and poet Ingmar Heytze reads at the opening, March 17th 2017.



See also page in the program of the Centraal Museum


More #Citylight - featured

Thee accordeonist, de bike and the hero', 'Domplein 27/I' en 'De Rode Tas'
Click on pics for more info.

De accordeonist, de fiets en de held    Domplein 27/I    De Rode Tas

'Vismarkt I', 'Hamburgerlucht' en 'Domballons II'.

Vismarkt I, kees wennekendonk    Haverstraat utrecht door kees wennekendonk    Domballons II, Kees Wennekendonk dom oudegracht utrecht foto

Click on pics

You can find here the prices of your favorite works.






Selectie of earlier 'Stadslicht'


Archive Stadslicht


Ziehier nog vele eerdere foto's uit de serie Stadslicht


Also Exhibition in City Hall Utrecht! Read more (Dutch)...

expositie kees wennekendonk stadskantoor utrecht


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