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E x t r a v a g a n z a

Excentric glasses, fun and art designs.
("and now for something completely different")
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houten bril wooden glasses wennekendonk
Houten bril. Nameless. Yew tree.Photo: Anahi Clemens, for event #allyousee.



Houten bril. Iron Maiden. Rosewood. ( Inspired by the postcard of a scalped face the metal rockband Iron Maiden put out in 2000.)




hoornen bril Titia

Titia galabril, buffalo horn. The commision was to make a really party-like pair of spectacles.



houten bril De Tak

Houten bril 'De Tak'. Rositahout. The commission was to make a 'branchelike' pair of glasses. This is rosita-wood.




'DX'. Buffalo Horn and silver.

'DX'. Buffalo horn and silver. A commission to make a 'CITROEN DX' pair of glasses for Dutch poet Jules Deelder.





'Kirk'. Buffalo horn and mammoth tusk.

'Kirk'. Buffalo horn an mammoth tusk. Made this for a Canadian customer, all through e-mail contact.





Spectacle extravanza: Spitfire! Kees Wennekendonk design

Houten bril. 'Spitfire'. Buffalo horn, 1997. Just a fantasy I had on my racing bycicle.




Houten bril: 'Flying Fox'. Yew tree and marter hair.

Houten bril. 'Flying Fox'. Yew tree and marten hair. Looking for exiting materials.





houten bril id=

Houten bril. 'Satyr'. Yewtree and fossil shark teeth. For Dutch poet Jules Deelder, imagining him rising from the ocean surf as an angry Poseidon.






Buffalo horn glasses 'Druide', design Kees Wennekendonk

'Druide'. White buffalohorn and saffires. Made in commission for wearing at the Keltish midsummer feast.

houten bril incredib;e bend

Houten bril. 'Incredible bend'. Notenhouten, nutwood. Dutch performer poet Jules Deelder collection.

houten bril Kees Wennekendonk extravaganza

Houten bril. 'No name'. Maple leaf. Dutch performer poet Jules Deelder collection.


Houten bril 'Kwel', Kees Wennekendonk, Jules Deelder draagt

Houten bril. 'Master Kwel'. Yew tree wood. Dutch performer poet Jules Deelder collection.


Houten bril 'Satyr', Kees Wennekendonk Extravaganza

Houten bril. 'Satyr'. Yew tree wood and fossil shark teeth. Dutch performer poet Jules Deelder collection.


Much more normal glasses.