W o r d S c a p e is poetry in a musical landscape, a poetrical concert, where poets perform in live improvised but well directed soundscapes. W o r d S c a p e connects music and poetry melting the two languages together. To reach the level of bilateral communication, musicians are presented a theme which will give a theatrical contrast to each poem being performed.
Exciting, always inspiring, often beautiful.
      Concept: Kees Wennekendonk.

Upcoming W o r d S c a p e s:

- sunday april 2nd, 1630hrs, Sugar Factory, Lijnbaansgracht 238, Amsterdam
With Jan Baeke, Wim Brands, Maurice Buehler, DaniŽl Dee, Bart FM Droog, Xavier Roelens, Joost Zwagerman.
Musicians: Dennis Verkerk (percussion), Jan Schellink (samples and instruments), Han Buhrs (elektronica), Vincent Kramer, hang, Sarah Marieke van Lieshout, voice, Bastiaan Woltjer (trombone), Vincent Kramer (hang), Kees van Zelst (Marimba en synthesizer)
Kees Wennekendonk (piano).
VJ: Eriktronics
- sunday may 7th, 1630hrs, Sugar Factory,

Co-directors Amsterdam:

F. Starik, Tsead Bruinja, Lucas Hirsch.

Poets, musicians: sign up!
Kees Wennekendonk,

Danibal and Dennis Verkerk in the Sugarfactory.

Rules of the game:

- The organiser of WordScape recieves the poems ment to be performed one week in advance.
- For each individual poem a specific theme for musical improvisation is generated.
- These themes connect to a layer in the poem, or generate a theatrical contrast.
- The themes never lead to illustrations for the poem. (If the poem 's about a waterfall, no watersounds.)

During the concert:

- The poet and the musicians are positioned in half a circle, they can catch eachothers eyes, like session musicians.
- The poet, the poem and the improvisation theme are clearly introduced.
- The musicians create a soundscape on this theme, which is led by a conductor.
- The poet can perform the poem in the generated soundscape. It is purely about the combination of poetry and music.
No introductions or explanations during the music.
- The musicians see to it they play in such a manner they can always literally understand the poem and follow it with their hearts.

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